Home schooling is a surprising new reality for lots of working parents. I have two young children – aged 8 (year 4) and 11 (year 6) – and now home school is suddenly part of our family week!

To supplement the work sent from school, reading, play and film watching and all that stuff, I am going to be doing weekly Home School themed activities and resources. I wanted to create weekly activities that my kids can do with a good deal of independence.

It may prove useful to parents in a similar position as we are, so I’ll aim to add a weekly blog explainer and share any handy resources (many of which are plucked from my others kindly sharing their stuff too).

Below you can find the Home Learning resources to freely download:

WEEK 5 – Religious Education

WEEK 4 – Geography

WEEK 3 – Science Week: Cells, Viruses and the Coronavirus:


WEEK 1 – Art Week:

WEEK 2 – History Week


I am also looking to share one-off projects that you may want to use for a given day/week. See here: