The Teacher Workload ‘Collection’

This last month, the Department for Education, the teaching unions and OFSTED united. Yes, you heard me right. The topic that saw this unique collaboration: teacher workload. The recruitment and retention issue faced by schools is meeting a demographic boom. Add that to stagnant school budgets and a deeply embedded accountability culture that sees compliance …

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One Word at a Time – Teaching Vocabulary

This blog is a copy of my recent Teach Secondary article (click on the link HERE to subscribe) on the importance of vocabulary, with some handy teaching and learning strategies. Ask a secondary school teacher about the new  curriculum, at Key Stages 3, 4 and 5, and they’ll likely tell you a similar story: the …

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The Problem with Teacher Retention

So, 30% of teachers quit within five years. This news has been emblazoned across the BBC website and has been recycled across the news cycle this week. Sadly, alas, this ‘story’ is nothing new and it is a bleak tale that has beset the teaching profession for decades now. Place this poor retention rate alongside …

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