10 things to know about teaching and learning

There is lots to know about the brilliantly complex act of teaching and learning. Here is my list of 10 things to know in the plainest terms possible: 1. Pupils knowing stuff helps them to learn more stuff (background knowledge). 2. It is effective and efficient to explicitly teach pupils the stuff (explicit instruction). 3. …

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Duvet Days & the Teacher Workload Problem

You can almost smell the burning indignation of Daily Mail readers as they read the following story on ‘Duvet Days’ for teachers. “Lessons in Laziness from lie-in teachers” is the war-cry. If you dare, take a look below the line at the comments, and wade through a sea of stereotype-laden opprobrium. Bloody lazy teachers, eh? Now, …

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The Teacher Workload ‘Collection’

This last month, the Department for Education, the teaching unions and OFSTED united. Yes, you heard me right. The topic that saw this unique collaboration: teacher workload. The recruitment and retention issue faced by schools is meeting a demographic boom. Add that to stagnant school budgets and a deeply embedded accountability culture that sees compliance …

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