Overconfidence – Explaining it Away

(Image via Stowe Boyd from Flickr)   “The human mind is an overconfidence machine.” David Brooks, The Social Animal Overconfidence is dangerous. How many ill-judged wars, invasions, crashes, economic downturns and worse, have been initiated by confident fools? Now, such overconfidence provokes such massive global catastrophes, but it also triggers trivial daily problems for us all. …

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Teacher Burnout

Last week the Department for Education released their research on teacher workload. With little fanfare, it noted that teachers were working on average over fifty hours a week. Let’s not get started on the loosely titled ‘holidays‘ (make certain to annoy any teacher within a five mile radius with a comment vaguely resembling: “but at …

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The Indefatigability of Hope

(Image sourced form the excellent Barack Obama famously wrote about the ‘audacity of hope‘. Unfortunately, such audacity was always likely to be quashed under the crushing weight of partisan politics. Is it so that hope is therefore an impractical approach to the realities of our work-a-day life? Hope is most often associated with naïveté – …

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