The Curriculum Spiderweb

As curriculum is complex, we routinely seek out a plethora of handy metaphors and analogies to make sense of it. And so, in recent years curriculum has recently been described with a multitude of metaphors, such as a boxset (more Game of Thrones than the Simpsons), a voyage of exploration, or curriculum as narrative.  Each metaphor has explanatory …

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We are ‘Doing Curriculum’ – so what are we stopping?

“From the teachers’ perspective, the education system is “noisy”: Teachers are surrounded by multiple and conflicting messages about what is most important to do. Furthermore, if they focus too much on any one of these important ideals, they may compromise their effectiveness with another.”  Mary Kennedy, ‘How does professional development improve learning?’ Pretty much every …

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The Truth About Homework

“Most homework teachers set is crap.” Dylan Wiliam, ResearchEd 2014. The subject of homework inspires strong opinions. Teachers, parents and students themselves all have a view on the matter and those views are often diametrically opposed. Dylan Wiliam, back in 2014, shared a very strong opinion that didn’t exactly condemn the evidence and action related …

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The Homework Debate – Teach Secondary Article

I wrote this article for the November edition of Teach Secondary Magazine. In the meantime, the topic, and the debate, simply refuses to go away. My short answer on the usefulness of homework: it depends! My article explores some of the ‘home truths’ of homework. Is it a necessary evil, or a prerequisite for success? …

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