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General Election ’17: An Education Policy Overview

The run up to a general election often trots out the good, the bad, and the ugly, of education policy. We know that what sells to the voter on the doorstep often doesn’t translate well into the reality of a well-functioning school system; evidence & experience are often trumped by the demands of party ideology …

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Grammar Schools – Some Evidence

Image via Edudatalab: Grammar School Briefing – September 2016 This week I have undertaken the government consultation, ‘Schools That Work for Everyone’. Now, if you know even a smidgen about the Green Paper, then you know that the title is deeply ironic. Grammar Schools in particular don’t work for everyone – that is kind of …

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Going Beyond Gifted and Talented

(Image via Geniussis) I can picture the scene. I arrive home from work to be greeted by my young daughter. The end of the summer holidays hasn’t dimmed her enthusiasm; she has been sparked anew – both excited and curious. “Daddy”, she says excitedly, “I’m special: I’m gifted and talented”. Basking in a cozy glow of …

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Missing Talent – A Personal Response

Sometimes an educational news story comes along that lingers in the mind far longer than the usual chip-paper headline. One such story, earlier this month, was triggered for me when The Sutton Trust released some research labelled ‘Missing Talent‘, about our youngsters who perform well at KS2, but don’t convert that into success in their …

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