10 things to know about teaching and learning

There is lots to know about the brilliantly complex act of teaching and learning. Here is my list of 10 things to know in the plainest terms possible: 1. Pupils knowing stuff helps them to learn more stuff (background knowledge). 2. It is effective and efficient to explicitly teach pupils the stuff (explicit instruction). 3. …

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The Long and Winding Road (of Revision)

This article on revision strategies was written for Teach Secondary magazine – to subscribe to the magazine look HERE. The new school year stretches out like one of those American roads that extend far beyond the horizon. As the long weeks begin, the summer term, with all of those critical terminal examinations for our students, …

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Remembering Quotations – 10 Strategies

I don’t think there are many English teachers who haven’t asked the following question in the last year: ‘how do I help my class better remember quotations?’ It is an age-old question, but it is a very good one. It is not about producing unthinking parrots that squawk out quotations and exhibit little understanding of …

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