Sir Tim Brighouse

Training and Retaining Our Teachers

There is continuous talk about the looming crisis of teacher recruitment. It will likely prove the biggest obstacle to school improvement in the coming five years. Clearly, the quality of our education system will not develop if we cannot fill our classrooms with enough good teachers. Recruitment is an issue, no doubt, but we also need an …

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Eduquote: Robert Fried on the Passionate Teacher #4

I am writing a series of short posts that quote directly from educators who have inspired my thinking about education and more. Here is the first edu-quote for your reading pleasure. This quotation, from Robert Fried, was found in ‘The A – Z of School Improvement’. by the inimitable Sir Tim Brighouse and David Woods. …

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Teachers Talking about Teaching

Teaching can sometimes be an incredibly lonely job. It can stifle creativity and drive the brightest, most optimistic of teachers to downtrodden distraction. We teach in teams, but most teachers who face a full teaching timetable experience a gruelling war of attrition alone in the classroom, surfacing for air briefly at lunchtime. It is hard …

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