Multiple Choice Questions: A) Use regularly B) Don’t use

In the last couple of years I have become more interested in the use of multiple choice questions. I had never really used them with any regularity and considered them a rather limited American idiosyncrasy. My first foray into exploring them, and their use, was sparked by Dylan Wiliam’s use of ‘hinge point questions‘. As …

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Curiosity killed by class?

When you become a father you get used to being asked endless questions about the intricacies of our complex world. The road is paved with unending questions. Why does this…? How does that…? Questions become connections. Connections flower into understanding and grow into knowledge. Without being trite, such curiosity is a wonderful thing. Curiosity is …

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‘Disciplined Discussion’ – As Easy as ABC

This practical post on a couple of teaching and learning strategies is wholly indebted to an excellent trio of posts from Doug Lemov, of ‘Practice Perfect‘ and ‘Teach Like A Champion‘ fame. His series is based on the concept of ‘disciplined discussion‘. I love this simple phrase as it neatly summarises an essential component of …

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