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5 Free Research Reads on…Teacher Professional Development

It is January and that time of year when we consider new habits, routines and development. As new resolutions begin, we may consider it a good bet to focus some effort on how best to support professional development. Here is a short selection of freely available reading on effective teacher professional development: This guidance report …

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The curriculum challenge…renewed

People have gone relatively quiet about the ‘c’ word… curriculum. Whilst schools grapple with the challenges of having all pupils safely attend school, then everything has to be considered anew. The careful sequencing of curriculum still matters a great deal, but as schools are recommended to consider lopping great bits off, then new plans and …

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On the RISE

This week saw the publication of the Education Endowment Foundation RISE (Research-leads Improving Students’ Education) Project. It was one of the first projects in England that attempted to mobilise the emerging role of ‘Research-lead’ into a more specific school improvement process, with related training and support. With the rise in interest for research evidence over the past …

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The Problem with Judging Teacher Performance

We don’t grade lessons anymore, right?   That would be foolish, wouldn’t it. Back in 2013, Professor Rob Coe made a challenge to the teaching profession and OFSTED. He proved that judging lesson observations was not only ‘harder than we thought‘, but that grading lesson observations and ‘seeing learning’ was a fool’s errand. Collective scales …

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The Expert Moves of a Confident Teacher

We know that teachers around the world experience many more similarities than differences in their experience of teaching children. Some classrooms are packed with technology and are fortuitously situated in brilliant new building designs, whereas other classrooms can be barely called a room fit for learning. No matter the setting, learning happens. Earlier, in Chapter …

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