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(Image via Pixabay)   A few short weeks ago I consigned my old HuntingEnglish blog to the electronic dustbin and emerged phoenix-like with my new blog – www.theconfidentteacher.com. Unfortunately, not all my former blog followers were transferred at the same time. Hopefully, this issue is now resolved and people are receiving emails each time I …

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Top 5 Reads for Evidence-Informed Teachers

  There is so little time spare for busy teachers that the thought of reflecting upon our practice and learning by reading evidence feels like a distinct luxury. No doubt, we need to be better supported and treated as academic professionals who need time to reflect, think and engage with what the best evidence can tell …

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Just Don’t Call It Research!

  Ask a group of teachers in the staffroom about how research evidence can help them teach and you may well receive a rather sceptical response. I can hear the complaints now: ‘more bloody work’…’box ticking’…’don’t give me ‘action research’, mate’…’another shiny new toy’, and worse. No doubt, given our fatigue with the merry-go-round of curricula change …

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Google 20% Time? Just Say No!

  I knew it would happen… Google 20% time has infiltrated England! The Guardian has a headline emblazoned with the following: “Bring Google’s ‘20% time’ to your classroom with passion-based learning” Not only do they recommend ‘Google 20% time’ – more on that in a moment – they brand it as ‘passion-based learning‘. How could …

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Google 20% Time or ‘Genius Hour’

(Image via Wikimedia Commons) Mention the word Google and you summon visions of an unassailable Internet behemoth. They are all things futuristic and modern – spanning the globe with an electronic grip. They are synonymous with success, creativity and devastatingly potent innovation. Who could question their success*? Most organisations, schools included, may well ask: why can’t we …

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