Why ‘disrupting education’ doesn’t work

There are trillions of choices teachers make when they teach. This dizzying complexity makes teaching rewarding, tiring, stressful, and sometimes even thrilling.  Understandably, faced with the complexity of the classroom, teachers are necessarily creative, but they also seek out stability and tranquillity. For many teachers, hearing calls for ‘disrupting education’, or the mention of radical reform …

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10 things to know about teaching and learning

There is lots to know about the brilliantly complex act of teaching and learning. Here is my list of 10 things to know in the plainest terms possible: 1. Pupils knowing stuff helps them to learn more stuff (background knowledge). 2. It is effective and efficient to explicitly teach pupils the stuff (explicit instruction). 3. …

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Seeing the ‘Big Picture’ (On Expertise)

As a young boy, little more than a toddler, Magnus Carlson possessed the ability to remember complex patterns and to play chess like an aged master. His proud parents recount when given a vast array of national flags, with facts like national population and more, how Magnus quickly remembered the facts and began to make connections and …

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Spelling Test Support – Advice for Parents (and Teachers)

It is an act repeated the world over: children trundle home with their spelling lists to learn and parents dutifully help them prepare for the dreaded spelling test at the end of the week. I’m father to a young daughter who is very intent on doing well in such spelling tests, but who can sometimes …

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