The Confident Teacher

Remote Learning and Making Plans

The reality of the Covid pandemic has seen millions of pupils thrust into a position remote home learning. A stark truth is that pupils learn most when they are in the classroom. Remote learning, homework and similar, is simply hard work – for both pupils and teachers. Very quickly, and resourcefully, schools have responded to …

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The Truth About Homework

“Most homework teachers set is crap.” Dylan Wiliam, ResearchEd 2014. The subject of homework inspires strong opinions. Teachers, parents and students themselves all have a view on the matter and those views are often diametrically opposed. Dylan Wiliam, back in 2014, shared a very strong opinion that didn’t exactly condemn the evidence and action related …

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Our Dirty Little Secret…Student Behaviour

We have all been there… You are being observed by a senior member of staff. Your hands are clammy as you grit your teeth through every minute of this crucial lesson observation. This one hour may determine months of hard work. You are speaking to a small group of students, correcting a simple misunderstanding. A …

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10 Tricky Questions for Teachers

What if we were faced with uncomfortable questions about some of our brightest and best teaching and learning ideas? It would be uncomfortable and challenging, no doubt. Perhaps, though, such reflection on the potential of unintended consequences and unforeseen failures could prove both  revealing and instructive? With this thought experiment in mind, I pose these …

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