The Confident Teacher

Training and Retaining Our Teachers

There is continuous talk about the looming crisis of teacher recruitment. It will likely prove the biggest obstacle to school improvement in the coming five years. Clearly, the quality of our education system will not develop if we cannot fill our classrooms with enough good teachers. Recruitment is an issue, no doubt, but we also need an …

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The (Potential) Perils of Peer Tutoring

  I’ve always held with the Beatles lyric that we get by with a little help from our friends. In classrooms, with students learning and helping one another learn, it can often help too (when done well). The evidence to support the effectiveness of ‘Peer Tutoring’ programmes in schools has always been strong and I …

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Missing Talent – A Personal Response

Sometimes an educational news story comes along that lingers in the mind far longer than the usual chip-paper headline. One such story, earlier this month, was triggered for me when The Sutton Trust released some research labelled ‘Missing Talent‘, about our youngsters who perform well at KS2, but don’t convert that into success in their …

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Growth Mindset – More Evidence

If you are a school teacher and you haven’t heard of Carol Dweck’s ubiquitous growth and fixed mindset concept then… quite frankly, where the hell have you been for the past few years? No doubt lots of good has emerged from this common-sense psychological framework, with a few dodgy approaches too. The growing evidence base, showing the limitations, …

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