Reading on Screen: A Warning!

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Since the dawn of the internet and our ability to read on-screen, people have bemoaned its negative impact on learning. But is reading on screen any different to reading a traditional book? Should we chuck out our textbooks?

In the latest episode of ‘Exploring Evidence in Education’, my new YouTube page (you can explore and follow HERE), I explore some interesting evidence in this area that offers a warning, but also some useful strategies. All in a mere 10 minutes. Take a look here:

Related Research

You can find the evidence cited in the video here:

‘Don’t throw away your printed books: A meta-analysis on the effects of reading media on reading comprehension.’ Delgado et al. (2018)

‘Differences in Parent-Toddler Interactions With Electronic Versus Print Books’, Munzer et al. (2019)

‘They Hear, But Do Not Listen: Retention for Podcasted Material in a Classroom Context’, Daniel and Woody (2010)

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