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Home schooling is a surprising new reality for lots of working parents. I have two young children – aged 8 (year 4) and 11 (year 6) – and now home school is suddenly part of our family week!

To supplement the work sent from school – reading, maths practice, play, film watching, and all that stuff – I am going to be doing weekly Home School themed activities and resources. I wanted to create weekly activities that my kids can do with a good deal of independence – in part, so I can work from home with greater ease.

It may prove useful to parents in a similar position as we are, so I’ll aim to add a weekly blog explainer and share any handy resources (many of which are plucked from my others kindly sharing their stuff too).

You can find Home School on my main menu, where I’ll save resources each week to download – HERE.


I wanted to ease into the brave new world of home school with a week focused around art – given my kids enjoy it, we have just got some supplies, and it even proves quite therapeutic for them.

They learn about prehistoric cave art, the Renaissance, Cubism, Pop art and more. There is a lot of reading, researching and arty expression.

For each day of the week there is a PPT with suggested tasks, links and more (flexible – adapt as needed!).

I do rely quite a lot on using the computer or phone (which I know is a privilege not all children have), but many of tasks can be simple pencil and paper if resources are limited.


To keep my kids busy this Thursday and Friday, I devised a project based on China (celebrating their culture, after my kids heard the Trump bashing). They have enjoyed it and they are still only half way through their final design.

I’ll aim to add a few more of these one off’s to my Home School page in the coming weeks.

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  1. jennie grimes

    Alex, these art lessons are great – my daughter has really enjoyed these today – thank you! We will be doing the other art lessons later this week.

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