Home School: History Week

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Ok – let’s be clear: I am not a historian, nor am I a primary school teacher. But in my newfound role as home-schooling Dad, I have wanted to devise some additional projects to supplement their school work, so that my two children – aged 11 and aged 8 – can get on with something interesting and creative during busy days at home. ‘History Week‘ is the result.

Both of my children really enjoy history and they can sing a fair few tunes from ‘Horrible Histories’ series (reader, I can too). As I am no historian, I safely picked a topic from history that I do know well – the history of reading and writing.

There are five days worth of projects – from the birth of reading and writing in ancient Sumer, to monks in the middle ages, the importance of the inventions of the printing presses – to a brief recent history of children’s literature. Tasks include cuneiform writing, illustrating a initial in Medieval style, along with a timeline and inquiry into the importance of reading to civilisation. You can easily cut straight to the interesting tasks too.

Please feel free to dip in, adapt, or ignore! You could use a couple of the ideas with kids of different ages – such as the illustrating of initials etc. I’ll keep on sharing these home-made resources and if you think they may be handy for a busy parent at home or similar, then do pass it on.

Resources for the week can be found here:

You can find all of the previous Home School resources on my page HERE.

Finally, I wanted to say a big thank you to the teachers of my kids: they have been sending through lovely messages, keeping in touch, sharing good ideas and not overloading them with stuff. Mostly, their kindness has mattered.

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