Unwrapping the Mystery of Metacognition

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Today the Education Endowment Foundation has released their latest guidance report on ‘Metacognition and Self-regulation‘. I have been delighted to be one of the co-writers of this exciting report, alongside Eleanor Stringer and Professor Daniel Muijs:


I have also written a blog for the EEF on ‘Making Sense of Metacognition’ in which I explore the relevance of the report findings in relation to upcoming examinations, but so much more. In being tasked with helping write the report, I had the pleasure and challenge of engaging with the wealth of research evidence on the topic of ‘metacognition and self-regulation’. This literature review will be available soon.

You can find lots of extra reading on metacognition at our Huntington Research School website and my own website HERE.

Do take a look at our ‘Metacognition and Self-regulation’ three-day training programme beginning on the 12th of June, led by Julie Watson and myself, if you are interested with going further with the guidance.

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  1. I have been reading Metacognition and Self-Regulated Learning from Education Endowment Foundation, and hope you might find my book Inside Teaching: How to Make a Difference for Every Learner and Teacher(Routledge, 2017) supports the principles you espouse practices you promote. My chapters 2, 6, 8 and 9 specifically deal with metacognition, participation and autonomy, where you and I have chosen to camp. I would welcome any response you might have.
    My book speaks to trainees and novices while supporting and guiding experienced teachers. Mentors, leaders and managers will also be able to use it in their work.

    I can send a flyer showing how to obtain a 20% discount.
    Good wishes
    John Blanchard

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