7 thoughts on “The Problem with Pleasing Parents”

  1. Craig Staples

    A really super article. At times I feel schools, as you’ve said, like to be seen to be doing something. Will send your article on to the decision makers!

  2. I absolutely agree with each point raised here. Everything staff do (from 3-18, nothing exclusive here for EY, primary or secondary) should be for the good of the child. If this means giving good quality verbal feedback within the lesson and just a “VF” recorded in books, then so be it. Instant verbal feedback is one of the most powerful ways misconceptions can be corrected and a child’s learning extended and moved on.

    “Who are we doing this for?” Needs to be at the heart of everything teachers do. If children/students are not at the heart of it or reaping benefits from it, then why do it?

    Enjoyed the blog around World Book Day too!

    1. Alex Quigley

      Thanks Jo! I am pushing at some tricky areas in the last two blogs, but I think this blog is important if we are going to have the conditions to make positive changes.

    2. Rachael Sarah

      I’ve worked in a school we’ve even we have verbal feedback we had to write down what was said ? ??‍♀️

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