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In a couple of weeks, my new book, ‘Closing the Vocabulary Gap‘, is released.

Happily, I wanted to alert those people who may be interested in picking up the book that there is a great deal currently on Amazon, with the book reduced from £16.99 to a mere £11.55! I don’t know how long this pre-order deal may last, so if you want to seize the change take a look HERE.

I have been delighted to have reviews from people I admire and respect hugely:

“Expertly weaving academic research with observations from the classroom, Alex Quigley explains why word poverty matters – and sets out what can be done about it. Word knowledge, he argues, is critical for success in every subject and as such it is the responsibility of all teachers to become word conscious. Don’t grab a dictionary. Read this excellent book instead and discover an approach to vocabulary instruction that is rich, organised and cumulative – and relevant for developing disciplinary knowledge across the entire curriculum.”

Kate Nation, University of Oxford, UK

“In the years I’ve devoted to literacy, I have learnt what I should have always have known – that nothing matters more than words. Our vocabulary allows us to interpret the world, to express ourselves with greater clarity, to show confidence, insight and perceptiveness. Words lie at the heart of our quest to narrow gaps between the advantaged and disadvantaged, to address social mobility. That’s why I am so pleased to welcome Alex Quigley’s powerfully illuminating book. It is a vital reminder that knowing about vocabulary is the responsibility of every teacher. It is also the entitlement of every child.”

Geoff Barton, General Secretary of Association of School and College Leaders

“This book offers a great overview of the research on learning vocabulary, and practical advice on how to apply this research in the classroom.”

Daisy Christodoulou, Director of Education, No More Marking, Uk


If you have any questions about the book then do get in contact.

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