ASCL Conference – Confident Teacher Book Discount

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It is very exciting times for the ASCL union for school leaders. Geoff Barton is the new general secretary designate and having followed Geoff for such a long time as a principled school leader, and having had the pleasure to work with him too, I happily joined ASCL.

Now, I am not at the ASCL annual conference this year, but I am there is spirit. Well, more specifically, my book is there. I don’t normally blog about my book simply being available to purchase, but if you are attending the ASCL Conference 2017 (Follow #ascl2017) today – Friday the 10th of March – you can gain a special 40% discount on my book. Just have a look for the R0utledge book stand.


The Confident Teacher: Deveoping Successful Habits of Mind, Body and Pedagogy


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