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Lots of newspaper headlines have proclaimed staunch opinions about new research evidence in education in the past fortnight. Boy’s can’t read and breakfast really matters, or so it would seem from the headlines. A common problem for busy teachers, school leaders and parents is that we seldom have the time to dig beneath these headlines.

With seemingly too little time to read detailed research studies, we are vulnerable to dodgy headlines and unscrupulous salesman targeting schools to buy their products, as well as potentially skewing our school-based decisions and practice in the classroom. We should be challenged to have a great knowledge of the evidence that attends education, but we also need some support to do it well. reading, homework

With this in mind, in our role as a Research School at Huntington, we are endeavoring to distill the latest evidence into accessible and useable knowledge for schools. You can read our responses on hour Huntington Research School website HERE.

Read all about…the latest research evidence

Just some of the articles include:

‘Breakfast Time and Beating Hunger’ – an important EEF project has shown that providing free breakfasts to young students in disadvantaged schools has a significant impact on learning – see HERE.

‘Homework: Are we asking the right questions?’ – this article explores how students don’t accurately report how much homework they are (or are not!) doing, in response to a Dan Willingham article – see HERE.

‘What are our children reading?’ – boys get a bit of a hammering in this huge study by Keith Topping on reading habits – see HERE.

‘Financial Incentives and Uncomfortable Truths’ – this article explores research that revealed some GCSE students responded to financial incentives. It prompts some interesting debate about rewards and motivation, both intrinsic and extrinsic – see HERE.

‘When Project Based Learning Goes Wrong’ – this article digs beneath the headlines about this EEF PBL trial – see HERE.

As we move forward, we will be looking to add a range of views, evidence, research projects and debates from schools and teachers across Yorkshire and the Humber and beyond. Give it a look!


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