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If the clue in the blog title wasn’t clear enough, I have been spending large chunks of my school holidays and significant corners of very late evenings writing my book, ‘The Confident Teacher’. Writing is for the most part a very lonely pursuit, attending by much angst and gnashing of teeth! Is it good enough? Will people like it? I was writing a book for every teacher, primary, secondary, FE etc. and not just English teachers, so it took no little confidence of my own.

The first sign of feedback, beyond my partner and close friends, when I placed my book over the parapet to be endorsed. The panic-inducing factor was enhanced ten-fold by the fact that I asked a small group of people amongst whom I hold in the highest regard. Happily – no, more than that for me really – they responded with the following:


‘You can almost smell this book’s authenticity – it speaks so directly to teachers in the classroom and with such a genuine empathy which arises from being there himself on a daily basis. Overcoming initial fear, managing behaviour, extending your repertoire of teaching techniques, coping with frequent setbacks, managing workload, finding that what worked 99 times doesn’t work on the hundredth, keeping a work/life balance and remaining not just sane but with a sense of humour while knowing that what you do changes lives? Alex Quigley contributes to each and every one of these.  It should be in every career teacher’s Christmas stocking.’ Tim Brighouse, Former Commissioner for London Schools

‘Alex Quigley is not only an exceptional teacher but someone who is helping to shape the next stage of the nation’s school improvement journey. As such, his advice and analysis is invaluable for teachers and educators and in focussing on ‘confidence’ he captures what is essential for success in our demanding education system.’  Estelle Morris, Former Secretary of State for Education and Skills

‘The Confident Teacher is a must for anyone interested in improving their impact in the classroom. Written with wisdom and gentle humour this book is packed full of authentic examples of practice that will improve engagement, behaviour and learning.  Quigley shows how confident teaching can be developed, how expertise can be enhanced and how stress can be reduced.  Highly recommended.’ Dame Alison Peacock, Executive Headteacher of The Wroxham School

‘Alex Quigley writes with the quiet passion of the practised and deeply reflective professional. In his book, he wisely asserts that it requires humility and thoughtful deliberate practice, as well as self-awareness, to become the expert practitioner that we all wish to be, no matter how experienced. There is a wealth of practical advice and information to help us do so in his book.’ Hélène O’Shea, Teacher at Park High School


I have been bowled over by these kinds endorsements so I wanted to thank all four – Tim, Estelle, Alison and Helene for their time and their kindness. I have to admit, there is something very English about me that makes me rather uneasy about promoting my book, but hell, I want people to read it, use it and share it, so I have to put my inclination to be reserved to one side for a few months!


If you want to purchase a book from Amazon you can HERE.

You can also purchase the book directly from Routledge HERE (with a cheeky 205 off discount with the code: FLR40)


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