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A few short weeks ago I consigned my old HuntingEnglish blog to the electronic dustbin and emerged phoenix-like with my new blog – Unfortunately, not all my former blog followers were transferred at the same time. Hopefully, this issue is now resolved and people are receiving emails each time I post on my new blog – beginning with this very post.

Now, email subscribers will continue to receive email notifications when I post something new, but people who have only followed HuntingEnglish on will now only see new posts in their Readers. You won’t receive email notifications unless you also subscribe to my new self-hosted site. If you want to sign up – simply take a look at the top right hand of the page and put in your email address.


While you were away…

Since I began the new blog, I have written 6 blogs. You can catch up with those blogs here:

The Introvert Teacher. Are schools havens for extroverts? Is there anything we can do about that? This blog explores the challenges of being an introvert teacher, but at the same time recognizes their crucial strengths. I was delighted to team up with Iesha Small, who contributed substantially to the blog.

Group Work: An Essential Guide. Well, this aims to do what it says on the tin! A topic of debate, group work happens in our classes even when we don’t initiate it. With a few focused strategies, it can prove a valuable tool in the teaching armoury.

Learning (and Assessment) First. In support of the Learning First conference, at Sheffield Hallam University on the 21st of May, I wrote this blog asking for common sense to prevail with assessment in schools. Part imposed by government, part self-initiated in schools, the obsession with counting data sets over making meaningful decisions from assessment has to stop.

Who do you think you are? This post is about the challenges faced by students who teeter on the brink as the make the transition to university. Can ‘whilsting Vivaldi‘ help? What is ‘stereotype threat‘? Give it a read and find out.

On Becoming a Teacher. Quite frankly, I’ve read enough glum tales of teachers leaving the profession. Though important, recognizing the stresses and challenges teachers face, I want more positive stories of hope and of becoming, of happy teachers and student success


And finally…I wrote a blog about the lung-busting excitement I experienced in releasing my new book:

Introducing…’The Confident Teacher’. Writing a book is a long, drawn-out affair. Getting to finally hold it in my hands and share it was a joy…Oh, and I needed a little promotion too. If you haven’t got yourself a copy, give yourself a half-term treat – see Amazon here, or Routledge here.



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