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In the midst of final lessons with year 12 students, a last push on essays for year 13 and the general stress of a hectic exam season, I have had another consideration… I’ve been anxiously awaiting the release of my new book. I am delighted to say that my new book, ‘The Confident Teacher: Developing Successful Habits of Mind, Body and Pedagogy’, is now published! I’ve been able to grab it in my grubby mitts this Friday and it is a thing of beauty!


It is a strange, privileged, exciting, tiring and drawn out affair writing a book. Months and months are spent in the writing of the thing, in dark corners of evenings when work is finished, on weekends and on stolen holiday days part from the family. Then it disappears into the hands of the publisher, as you get on with life and work, with a little nagging anxiety about its progress. Quickly, it hurtles back into your view and you are face the prospect of your precious efforts facing an actual audience of readers! I am deeply proud of this book and thankful to the people who helped make it happen (you know who you are) and I very much hope people like it and find it useful.

I am quite clearly having a good week, with the TES publishing an article expressing my rationale for writing the book. In short, I argue that the current debate in education is too skewed towards school structures with too little attention on teachers on how they actually improve. It is a book for every teacher, from early years to further education, with lots of ideas on a variety of topics, all tethered to the central theme of confidence and developing your expertise in the classroom.


Finally, I have been delighted to have been made the Routledge Author of the month for May, 2016. You can read my exclusive interview about the book, where my ideas for the book came from, what I want teachers to take from the book, and more here.

You can purchase the book on Routledge, with a 20% DISCOUNT with the code FLR40HERE.

You can purchase it on Amazon UK HERE.

Hopefully it will be available in your local bookstore imminently.



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