The Homework Debate – Teach Secondary Article

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I wrote this article for the November edition of Teach Secondary Magazine. In the meantime, the topic, and the debate, simply refuses to go away. My short answer on the usefulness of homework: it depends!

My article explores some of the ‘home truths’ of homework. Is it a necessary evil, or a prerequisite for success? In many cases, we simply don’t debate the unpinning rationale of homework, nor explores the nuances of the research evidence. With some careful judgment, I think that homework can prove useful and meaningful.

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  1. Hi Alex, always a topic of conversation i like to explore with teachers. I think the difficulty of the homework set is key. Making it too easy probably makes it a pointless exercise and just setting it for the sake of it whereas too difficult and they may just give up as you point out. I think the best way to sum it up is ‘it depends’! 🙂

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