Eduquote: Robert Fried on the Passionate Teacher #4

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I am writing a series of short posts that quote directly from educators who have inspired my thinking about education and more. Here is the first edu-quote for your reading pleasure.

This quotation, from Robert Fried, was found in ‘The A – Z of School Improvement’. by the inimitable Sir Tim Brighouse and David Woods. It is well worth a look. Not least for its excellent selection of quotations like this one from Robert Fried that describes the very best of teachers.

“Of some of our teachers, we remember the foibles and mannerisms, of others, their kindness and encouragement, or their fierce devotion to standards of work that we probably didn’t share at the time. And of those we remember most, we remember what they cared about and that they cared about us and the person we might become. It is this quality of caring about ideas and values, this fascination with the potential for growth within people, this depth and fervour about doing things well and striving for excellence, that comes closest to what I mean in describing ‘passionate teaching’”. (Robert Freid, from ‘The Passionate Teacher’)

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